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Welcome to elementarycbs, the livejournal community for the CBS adaption of Sherlock Holmes.
Here you can post your fanwork like graphics, fanfic or art or talk with other fans about the show.

Your friendly neighbourhood mods liesmiths, diesotiosum, and killerweasel wish you lots of fun!

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o1. Keep to the topic!
This is a community for Elementary. This means that fanwork or discussion pertaining to any other Sherlock Holmes adaption (such as Granada!verse or Ritchie!verse) is not allowed here.
Of course you're allowed to mention other adaptions as much as you want (or e.g. draw parallels) but the main focus should be on Elementary.
Similarly, mentions of other roles the actors have played or allusions to them are perfectly fine, but this is not the place to discuss their other upcoming projects.

o2. Be nice!
We don't tolerate any kind of flaming or dissing here, be it that of fellow fans, any character or actor on the show or the writers.
Of course expressing your dislike for a character or a plotpoint is allowed and friendly arguments are a-ok, but please don't cross the line.

o3. Use the LJ-cut!
Please put any text posts over 300 words or any graphic that is larger than 400px under an LJ-cut. If you post icons, you may post three preview icons outside of the cut, but not more.
If you post any spoilers, be sure to warn for them outside of the cut.

o4. Use fic headers!
When you post fic, please make sure to always include the following information in your header:


This is the minimum requirement. You may add as much as you wish to your fanfic header, but this information must be present.

illegal content
Downloads, torrents and anything that violates copyright law must be posted as a private entry. If you're not sure whether your post should be private you can always ask us.

Please make sure to tag all your posts. You can find all the available tags on the tags page.
If you think a tag is missing, just inform us via this page and we'll add it as soon as possible.
If you're unsure of how to tag something, just ask us.

Any untagged posts will be deleted without a comment.

If you want to affiliate, just leave a comment here.

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